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ok here's my labour story! I finally have a few min to myse…

ok here's my labour story! I finally have a few min to myself lol. on November 13 (oddly enough this was my exact due date!) around 6:30 Am I started having early labour contractions. They started off inconsistent and then sped up to about every 6-7 min, about 30-50 seconds long. I was in contact with my midwife on and off throughout the day and she wanted to wait until they were more closer together. I was in and out of the bath all day while hubby was at work. Once he got home (about 2 pm) they were coming more consistently but still stuck at 5 min apart or so for awhile. Midwife did a home visit around 5 pm and we were still waiting for contractions to speed up to 3-5 min to consistently so it was just a waiting game (plus I could still kind of talk through them at this point) we called her again at 10 pm, with no doubt about it painful I -cant-talk-through-them contractions. we met her at the hospital right away (about 10-15 min down the street) She said definitely in active labour and it was happening fast. As soon as she assessed me I Was probably like around 6 cm. We had issues with his heart rate decelerating so I had to keep switching positions while lying down..very painful! she said my bag of water was literally sitting right at the edge ready to break. We needed an OBY GYN to come in and assess his heart rate deceleration. at this point everything was a blur because I was in so much pain. I asked for an epidural repeatedly and they tried to get it set up as fast as possible but little man was coming out faster than we thought. .we had no time. I was then 8 cm and they were able to use their fingers to push back the rim even more. at this point I felt a big gush and my water broke. bad news .. it was meconium. They had to attach the little probe thing to his head they could monitor his heart rate more effectively. he was head down in the pelvis but not low enough and we didn't know why. At this point I wanted to push so bad so they told me to, and they used the vacuum to help me ..they tried twice and nothing was happening and I was pushing really hard. he was stressing out so they told me I needed an emergency c section right away. I've never seen such a rush before in my life. everyone moved so fast and it was a blur. I was in so much pain I was screaming and they gave me an oxygen mask I kept ripping off lol. they wheeled me off to to OR super fast and I had to lie on my back while having an overwhelming urge to push. it sucked. I had an entire team around me talking medical mumbo jumbo and all I kept thinking was give me the damn anesthesia lol. finally I was put out. I was told that I was in the OR at 1:45 am and he was out by 1:59. when I woke up i felt like I was in a very out of body experience. all I remember is my husband coming over and saying everything is good and he's healthy.. a little on the small side but adjusting well considering everything. he brought him over to my side and I saw his little face and gave him kisses. They explained to me that they were unaware until they did the c section that the cord had wrapped around his neck pretty tight and was preventing him from coming all the way down. spent most of the day after that being completely groggy and drugged. I don't even remember half the things that happened. my husband is filling in the blanks for me lol. I was just happy he was safe and healthy. that's my story ! sorry it's so long lol. I hope my next pregnancy will be easier :-/ it's all worth it, I am so in love with my little man and grateful he's ok ❤❤❤❤ thank you to everyone who followed my journey and gave me support along the way


— I am on my third baby and crossing my fingers for a good birth this time around lol my other two were pretty scary as well but its true what they say that once you see your baby you forget most of it

— lol @eztash it just came naturally for me 😂 thank you @lovelymom4642 😊😊

— congrats!!!

— lol I was told that I was trying to be too premadonna lol! I told my boyfriend's Mum, "I didn't have a clue how hard I was supposed to be pushing I just know that I was laying down too much and wasted a lot of energy holding my knees to my chest and tucking my chin in.. 😤 lol Next time I'll scream like they suggested lol

— omg I don't think I could've pushed for 2 hours lol. I was literally screaming so loud I think the whole hospital heard me.. eep lol (sorry if that comment scared anyone lol) thank god for drugs indeed! ! @eztash

— now I really wanna see this little guy.. 😊

— myyyyy Goodness Gvrl! Success stories like this make us all that much more grateful to have a healthy baby! I'm so happy for the two of you, I am proud of your strength and am so happy to hear that the horror is over. you must feel soooo blessed! I pushed for two hours and it felt like 30mins.. Amen to the drugs that help us through and help us to forget! Yaaay Mama! 😆✊ Thank you for sharing this story with us 😊