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I'm only 18 weeks and I've been in so so so so so much pain…

I'm only 18 weeks and I've been in so so so so so much pain the past two weeks and it's only getting worse I have always had asthma but lately nothing helps it feels like it's stopped but then ten minutes later it's worse but yet I've been to see my Breathing specialist and he says nothings wrong but yet everyone I've talked to said he's had a lot of problems with malpractice and people almost dying in his care but yet my primary nor my ob will give me a referral to anyone else they said if its that bad or go to the hospital I'm just not comfortable bringing my son to the hospital and I'm alone with him 95% of the time now I'm getting to the point I feel like I'm incapable of caring for my own son I feel like a horrible mother I'm here most days alone with him and I'm afraid something will happen to me and I won't 've able to care for him


— I have to go on a waiting list to change drs I've been kicked out of at least 12 offices for standing up for my self @just9monthsx3

— You can get a new Dr. You don't have to stay with any Dr you don't like. Get a second opinion ASAP.

— I'm 25 minutes away from my current doctor in the hospital @39surp

— That stinks! im at least 45 to hour away from my Dr or a Hospital.

— @39surp,

— Yea the only problem is the nearest primary when you go to go to is almost 45 minutes away I kinda got kicked out of the rest of them because they wouldn't listen to my concerns and the other two that I could could have gone to I can't now because their pediatric doctors

— I'm sorry. Sounds like it may be time for a new Primary.

— I have 3 times to the point I was asked to leave and I was told if I did it again I'd have to find a New primary care Dr I might go to the Er if I can find a sitter to watch my little man @39surp

— I think i would raise heck until primary gives you one.

— They told me I need a referral to another one @39surp

— Call your insurance company and put in complaint. Ask if there is another specialist on the list in network. It's worth a try.