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‼️QUESTION‼️ I have been monitoring my blood pressure but …

I have been monitoring my blood pressure but I was wondering what is "too high" for the top number and "too high" for the bottom number also what's a good heart rate average


— @leiibaaaby, my doctor rushed me to the hospital I'm high risk for preeclampsia and they think I have sleep apnea. Baby is perfect heartbeat was 164 and growin so big!!

— When my blood pressure was high I got a ready of 170/80 which is really high I have a blood pressure cuff that my husband bought at CVS that tells you of its high

— No problem its my job to take vitals so i just want to make sure your doing it right and not just freaking your self out . Goodluck !

— @leiibaaaby, okay. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for being concerned.

— You should wait a least an hour or two because you keep taking it over it makes your blood pressure raise even more and taking it on the other arm doesnt change the out come and dont eat or drink sit with your feet flat on the ground in a chair its alot of rules to this thats why we go to school for it ro do it the peoper way alot of patients come in and tell me they use these and they are using them wrong but call for an appointment in the am and keep me posted if you dont mind

— @just9monthsx3, I don't have a ride right now. My mom said she'll take me when she wakes up. I called the on call and they want me to go up and asked how long it would be so they could let the er know. At this point the only thing I can do is go to sleep until my mom gets here at who knows what time.

— Let me know what happens ! @rainbowbaby2015

— @rainbowbaby2015,

— Yes love way to high call them are you on. bP meds

— @just9monthsx3,

— This was the other arm.

— Take it in the other arm let me know what it is @rainbowbaby2015

— @rainbowbaby2015,

— I'd call now. Just in case

— @just9monthsx3, should I call the on call now or just wait until the office opens?