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Dying for some Arby's curly fries. 'May I take your order'…

Dying for some Arby's curly fries.
'May I take your order'?
Uh yes you may can I get two large curly fries with ranch and a large Coke.


— yeah, I'm going this week for my growth scan and hopefully I can get a somewhat accurate size/weight. Not too confident considering they can be up to two pounds off either way. I'm praying I don't need a csection but as long as she's healthy I'll do whatever it takes.

— @karissaxo, I wanted to go tell my water broke but the concern with high gestational diabetes and heart rate dropping was to much of a concern. Hated being induced it became a complication. Hoping to go on my own this time.

— With my first I went to 41 weeks and they finally induced me. She just didn't want to come out (she's still just as stubborn 7 years later) I'm really hoping I go on my own before they have to induce me with this one. I hated it, especially when they had to break my water. I still cringe when I think about it.

— Haha @karissaxo my doctor induced me at 39 weeks with my first. It'll go by so slow

— I'm going to be 36 weeks this Thursday, and my doctor wants to induce me between 39-40 weeks (original due date was 11/26 but they told me she would be here for Thanksgiving 🙌) looking forward to being able to have some potatoes without having a panic attack to go with it haha

— Lol @karissaxo I'll be sure to do that. Gestational diabetes suck I had it bad with my first.

— ugh I love their curly fries! Especially with their pepper sauce. But having gestational diabetes won't allow me to eat them 😭 eat some for me! haha

— Haha oh I know. I haven't tried their mozzarella sticks yet. Think that is gonna be my next thing to try. @morgans_mommie

— My husband told me it was only a summer special and it broke my heart a little.. I want him to be wrong. I'm not 100% sure. Lol scared to go back there. But mozzarella sticks keep me going back. 😝

— OMG yes @morgans_mommie that would be AMAZING right now.

— I'm missing that orange cream shake.. 💔

— 👏🏼🙌🏼😩