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Omg!! My c section is 10 1/2 hours away!!!

Omg!! My c section is 10 1/2 hours away!!!


— Omg natural delivery over c section anyday I had natural with my daughter my son I just had an emergency c section I hate it.

— but question why a c-section ? the healing process will be better an faster if you went naturally and youll be able to get your baby faster.

— @braylinsmommy, thnk u so much i need to find the dr who want to do c section 😁

— @angelurs, yes some doctors do let you choose my cousin had one because she did not wanna push just depends on your doctor.

— @karnawest, no its my first baby iam a dr i know my body i know u cant, thats why i dont want to try first natural birth then c section, i come in us year ago so i dont know all this stuff

— @angelurs

— Have you already had a Child? How do you know that you can't dilate?

— @karnawest, i know i cant dilated thats why i want c section with out all this pain and trying natural birth

— Best wishes! Try your hardest to have positive thoughts! Just keep in mind that you'll be seeing your sweet baby soon 💜

— Ohh honey good luck thnk u

— You have to have a medical reason to have one. Good luck! get some rest!

— @angelurs, I don't know. I am having one because I am not dilated, not thinned out and barely starting to soften. Baby's head is low but not low enough to help out any.

— Can i ask u a question please can a pregnant women choose c section by her self?