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Anyone in labor told not to drink water but did it anyway? …

Anyone in labor told not to drink water but did it anyway? Lol


— 17 hours! You are a warrior

— I'm prating for you!

— Yep, as long as both you and baby are safe and healthy. Good luck and hope you have your little one in your arms shortly.

— awe man. but that's okay. gotta have you and baby safe. don't beat yourself up. you did great because 17 hours is no joke!😓😓

— They turned the pitocin off

— Ive been here 17 hours and im still at a 3. The babies heart rate went up and I got a fever. Im thinking it might be a c section. @ce5ce @cassibrewer @shortiebs @breloya @mamaofangelbaby0610 @chocohunnybees

— ugh I hate that word... vomit😷😷 but no I had ginger ale and Popsicles. the pain does make you nauseated though so I understand why they say it now

— I did while I was pushing and everything. I threw up but my throat was so dry I had to!! And throwing up water is my favorite thing to throw up of all the things you could throw up..

— I heard of that

— I drunk a bunch of water, ate Popsicles and ice chips and didn't vomit. I never heard of that lol. But that sucks.

— I ate ice chips and I still puked due to pushing for so long and I drank water afterwards and I felt fine and didn't puke again for the next 4 hours

— don't drink water, eat ice chips
water will make you vomit

— I dont know, my mouth is so dry i feel dehydrated. @breloya

— Why did they tell you not to drink water? 😐