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Yay...... Finally getting my son. 💝💝💝💙. I'm too geeked!…

Yay...... Finally getting my son. 💝💝💝💙. I'm too geeked!!!!


— @excitedmom36, it's beautiful

— Your welcome. thank you. yes I wanted it to be spelled differently.

— @excitedmom36, thank you! And love that spelling..... Very unique

— Congratulations. my son's name is izaiyah.

— @xolovingisaiah, Yayyyy......

— Aww I'm naming my son Isaiah too :)

— @princessvictoria, lol that's too cute...... And thank you!

— love his name my sons name is isai I cut it short l ol

— @tinypooh, today. I'm 18w 4days. The earliest I ever found out was 15 weeks

— what week did u find out the sex @sexxymama83

— @tmoschetti06, awww yay! Thank you!!!

— Congrats! Love his name, Isaiah is my son's name also ☺

— @k.haotic, thank you....

— Congratulations 🙌🏻