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Hate to post such negative stuff but I need an out. Came …

Hate to post such negative stuff but I need an out.
Came home and skipped getting fuel in the work vehicle so that my boyfriend and I could go grocery shopping I want my cinammon toast crunch for breakfast at work in the morning. But when it came down to it his mom and brother who live with us needed to go down into town even though they had been home all dang day. We live outside of town about 25 to 30 min drive and they threw a fit about how they just wanted to go to the bank and then come back. That was around 6pm. So since we would have taken about 45 mins in the store it would have been apparently to inconvenient for them. They made it back home around 9pm.
Glad we just fueled up the family truck so that we could be such an inconvenience. Glad that we are paying majority of rent for our one room while they each have their own and main use of livingroom. Glad that the last 5 years helping them have resulted this way. Looks like I will be getting my wish for our own place soon. Only so much we can do with the space we have with our two dogs and our peanut on the way. Signing over the family truck that we fixed and helped register and that I pay insurance for sounds like the best thing to do. Looking forward to one less headache, apartment hunting, and possibly car shopping also.
Sorry for the mean rant!


— My biggest dreams have never been to be rich or to have everything so I like to be as generous as possible and think of the others first. Just tired and feeling like I'm an intruder or a bother. My dreams were to find love, one day be a mommy, get married eventually and have an apartment to call our own. Just want to be independent now and show everyone we can do this and make it all happen.
Thanks for the well wishes we will need that luck for sure!

— I hate living with other people, it has never worked out. Hubby and I finally got our own place last year. I hope you guys get things figured out soon and get your own space! It will really help. Good luck ❤️

— 🙏🙏