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Making padsicles for after baby is born 😉 been told these …

Making padsicles for after baby is born 😉 been told these are lifesavers even with tucks but these are better.


— All tucks are is witch hazel basically and these pads have that I have tucks for after too but I would rather use these than those @cookie_murray

— @angelbaby232004, don't tucks make you heal a little faster ?

— Of course 😊 @2novbabies

— I'll look out for that thanks :)

— Even cvs and Walgreens has it I think.

— I found it in kind of the bath aisle hold on i will find a pic of the packaging for you I looked at that and found it pretty easily@2novbabies

— What aisle do you find it in

— @2novbabies,

— If you have a target near you they sell some it's made by aura cacia!!! And trust me I did too but I've been told how awesome they are versus the tucks and ice pack lol

— I thought the pads were cheese at first 😂😂I want to make these but can't find lavender

— And then smoosh it all into the pad! They are so easy to make!!!

— @tater4414, you could probably still make some if you are hurting 😊 and ok perfect I will definitely remember that thank you!!!!

— no joke those will help you soooo much!! also don't walk a lot but try and walk soon after your birth. as painful as it sounds it helps heal you faster and promotes blood flow to fix down there

— @tater4414, thank god for my best friend and reading about them on Pinterest!!

— dang I wish I had known about this!!! ice packs are great but those sound so much better!!!