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is it bad to get tattoos while pregnant? I knoe its not rec…

is it bad to get tattoos while pregnant? I knoe its not recommended but is it horrible?


— The thing is tattoo ink generally has heavy metals and when getting a tattoo the ink goes into your bloodstream and anything in your bloodstream carries directly to the placenta- the heavy metals will pass through- to the baby, and those heavy metals can be quite poisonous to the growing baby.

— true! @nichole8790,

— I. a m about to die to get some more ink but my best advice would be to wait so that they heal well tattoos are expensive so its best you don't have to have them redone

— ive actually heard of that happening
its not uncommon

— yeah. your body could reject the ink, too. also many places won't tattoo a nursing mom either because of the risk of infection.

— as long as the needle is sterilized I think it's okay to get a tattoo ... I just love tattoos 😬

— I got a tattoo when I was pregnant but I didn't know that I was yet. and I am going to have to get it almost redone because it did not heal well due to me being pregnant

— From what I've heard it's not safe, trust me I have my arm full. I'm absolutely itching to get it finished! My plan before I was pregnant was to get it finished over the summer. But now I have to wait :)

— Yeah I know. I asked all the time too and people just yelled at me. Even when I went and asked the tattoo artist they looked at me like I was crazy!!!! I was like damn, I just wanna know lol @kparavalos

— everytime I've even remotely brought th subject up people get so mad that i would even think about it. just wanted to know what the concern was!@alye27,

— Small bow

— Trust me, I can't wait to get another tattoo! 😂🙏🏼 @kparavalos @danielle_30k

— I got this one when I was around 5 weeks pregnant I had no idea I was pregnant at the time :( I was so worried about it and even though it's small I panicked and confessed when I first saw the obgyn she laughed at me and said everything would be fine and to not freak out lol

— that makes sense 👌

— thank you! @alye27,