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I know this is TMI but I need opitions. I did something I g…

I know this is TMI but I need opitions.
I did something I guess stupid. my son's 20 days old and my bf and I made love today. we have been very careful not to and only kiss but today we snapped. he didn't finish inside and I got the birth control shot the day I left the hospital but I'm worried but getting pregnant again :/ how possible could it be ?


— Thank you. I was told I wouldn't ever have a baby due to attacks then WA s blessed with my son but I want to wait 2 years before having another

— I think ur fine, I got depo when my son was 2days old we were still in the hospital and to be honest I had trouble conceiving because of getting that depo took me near a year and clomid w lots of of prayers... But I guarantee ur good.

— I wouldn't be to worried but I would talk to your doctor about bc

— You aren't supposed to have sex until 6 weeks after baby generally but if you do most doctors won't give you birth control until your next period, I would ask you doctor before you take anything just in case because right after baby is when you are most likely to get pregnant again. And lots of times birth controls need time before you start having sex so it will work properly

— idk but maybe take the 3 day pill