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I put this pic on IG it wasn't even up 5 minutes before som…

I put this pic on IG it wasn't even up 5 minutes before some stupid female hopped in my DMs telling me to take it down bc it's not cute and it won't get likes... BITCH did I ask you? Do I care? The answer to both those questions are no.. Where do these dumb ass female get off thinking because you a size 6 you're cute?? NO! You clearly look like what's in my baby's diaper. Gtfoh! I said none of that to her because I'm really trying to change how I approach ppl that piss me off so I simply asked her. Why should I be insecure when I'm made in his image? Move along haters.


— you look great!

— you are given me my life actually so she can go sit the hell down somewhere and read a book bc I love it! #beautiful

— @prettyyellow, 😘😘

— yassssssssssss boo lol 👏👏👏! If you don't have haters you're not doing something right! Keep shining on her love 😉! @spudssmommie

— @prettyyellow, @kismet_carri @ngujen im not thinking about her bc little does she know I know ALL of your business sugar honey and you are the last one that should be throwing stones seeing how you live in a glass house.. I grew up with ppl telling me I was ugly.. I heard it so often it became a compliment. 😂😂 unFUCKINGbothered

— she is ignorant your beautiful

— eff her.

— You're beautiful inside and out! I can't stand ignorant people lawd that has me hot. I commend you for not going off on her and your response was perfectly said. Oh but she would've got the business from me lol! @spudssmommie

— the nerve some people have! ugh