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A women's body is truly amazing. I have been able to carry …

A women's body is truly amazing. I have been able to carry these two little baby boys to "twin full term" and I'm so grateful. I can't wait to see their little faces and hold them in a week or 2 💙💙


— @mommyoffour15, Baby A was always head down, but one day maybe a month ago I felt him flip! but it has felt like he can't make up his mind where he wants his head lol! I swear it's felt like he's flipped a few times! I'll find out Tuesday if he is still breeched. Baby B is totally content being breech lol!

— @twinmammatobe, there have been so many women I've talked to who have had their babies flip a few days before they are due so they definitely still can lol baby A has always been head down but baby B likes to flip. He just flipped from head down to breech last week😩

— Thanks me too ! Congrats 😍😍 @mommyoffour15

— awww I'm 22 weeks today with twin girls

— @mommyoffour15, they are di-di but can still be identical if the egg split early. I won't know if they're identical until they're about 8 months old! But they say I can make it to 37 weeks and probably even 40 weeks! They may have to do c-section though because Baby A flipped and is now a breech. Baby B has always been a breech. However they can still flip, my docs said they've seen it, not sure how the babies do it but they have seen it. So I won't know till I'm closer to my due date how they will make their grand entrance! lol!

— @hueysmommy12 that'd be so cool if it actually happens, I hope it does! 😉

— @twinmammatobe, that's so awesome! Do you have mono-di or di-di twins? Mine are mono-di so I'm expected to be induced by or before 37 weeks which is so close! 😁

— My next pregnancy I'm shooting for twins && they have to be girls then I'll be done making babies lol 😊 @mommyoffour15

— @hueysmommy12 Thank you, and I've always wanted twins too, I just never imagined it would happen lol I'm beyond excited

— @boymama, thank you! ☺️

— Your 5 weeks ahead of me, and yes women have amazing bodies! My docs (all 4 High Risk docs) are 100% confident that I can go full term as well! You look great!!! Hope I look that good when I get closer! I have 9 weeks and 6 days left!!

— I'm super jealous your having twins I want twins other then that you look amazing 😊☺️ @mommyoffour15

— You look amazing😍😘