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do any of you mommies just have a pack n play for your baby…

do any of you mommies just have a pack n play for your baby to sleep in??
is it ok for baby to just sleep in a pack n play or no???


— tiana sleeps in a pack n play

— They sell a mattress that I ordered for each of my three pack n plays for like $34 on Amazon.

— My son is 6 months sleeps in his pack n play every night and they can sleep in them until they r old enough for a toddler bed. they make pack n.play mattresses for them they r like $50 u can get them online from.Walmart for extra cushion

— my brother slept in his pack and play until he was big enough to sleep in a bed

— I have the pack and play with a bassinet attached I love it!

— for the first few months it'd be ok but as they get heavier they'll need better support for their little backs.

— I don't. I'm getting a crib but I don't see anything wrong with it. My brother did it with my niece when she was born and so did one of my best friends. And their kids are all good!
I might do it for the first month and keep it in my room bc I don't feel comfortable putting her in her room alone right away.