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PLEASE HELP! I have been experiencing excruciating back pa…

PLEASE HELP! I have been experiencing excruciating back pain all morning, it is the worst pain I've ever felt. It is not a coming and going pain like a contraction I assume would be like, just a constant horrible cramping and stretching feeling and it is the worst thing I've ever experienced. I am in tears, I can't find any relief. What can I do?? I am 32 and a half weeks pregnant today


— I went to the hospital - i couldn't handle the pain. I was there for 7 hours and they couldn't tell me what was wrong. Ugh

— that's what I'm going through the past few days as well. I'll be 34 weeks tomorrow

— That just happened to me the other night! Like someone was stabbing me! Called the doctor and he said it's the siadic nerve pain and round ligament pain. He said as long as it's not real contractions or bleeding all you can do is drink water and take Tylenol and take it easy. The more strain you put on your back and stomach ligaments the worse pain you will get. He said not to use your stomach muscles and to use your arms for sitting up