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what should i pack in my hospital bag? i got my sons ready,…

what should i pack in my hospital bag? i got my sons ready,i think 😟, but i dunno what ima really need at the hospital? i know comfy pants and shirt for after birth but what else did u mommies wish u had there?


— bring a few extra outfits I only brought one the had a c section and had to stay for 3 days. lots of shorts our yoga pants and thank tops

— don't forget chapstick! I did and regretted it!

— baby wipes...and a couple of blankets for ur baby...n recieving ones...bib?...

— Bring lots of underwear, the ones they provide are disposable and uncomfortable, and you may have some leakage. You may want to bring a file to file down babies nails a little unless you bring mittens. Pack like you're going away for 3 days but they have nothing Clothes, shampoo, snacks, pillows. And then pack the same for baby. If you plan on breastfeed and have a breast feeding pillow maybe bring that for her, a few more outfits, some people bring a special going home outfit, pacifier, stuffed toy etc

— travel toiletries. a comb or brush. i brought basic makeup (primer, powder, mascara) nursing bra.

— Pack your own blanket,maybe or even your own pillow because you're going to want to be comfortable.. Pack extra baby outfits than enough for two days because never know so pack at least 4 or 5 outfits. They have shampoo and all, but I wish I woulda packed my own and pack a hair brush because all they have is combs. Pack everything you will need for two days you are there if they keep you for two days like they do here