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I want or start to try for another baby when would be a goo…

I want or start to try for another baby when would be a good time? I will be three months pp July 7th


— I'm on birth control now but as of next week I won't be because they canceled my insurance so I have to re enroll.so if we don't have any "oopsies" then yes approximately 5 or 6 months

— or 5months

— @queendavis :) I am so happy for you. I don't want to prevent it i just want I to happen but I am on birth control right now. I think I may follow in your foot steps and when she's 6 months stop taking the birth control.

— Aw yeah it would be hard living with family then. My son was seven months old when I found out I was pregnant. He just turned one years old in April. We weren't trying but we weren't preventing it either. Basically just letting it happen. I honestly wish we would've tried right away after my son was born! We're only going to have two kids so when I look back I wish we would've tried immediately lol. They'll be 17 months apart though and I'm happy about that :)

— @sexii_diiva so in 6 months you will be trying? Are you taking birth control?

— @queendavis How old was your son when you found put you where pregnant? I want them close in age also. I have a step son who is 5 the are 5 years and 1 week apart. This was around the time I got pregnant last year on July 18th lol. I had just started birth control pretty much forced a prescription by my doctor. But we are living with my family for 18 months. I don't want to have a new born here.

— my baby is 4 months. we plan to try again the end of this yr

— If you and your man are ready I say try right away! My son is one and our daughter will be born in September! I'm so glad my kids will be close together.