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Bored as fuck. I'm not used to NOT working at all. Been ho…

Bored as fuck. I'm not used to NOT working at all. Been home all day with my daughter while my man works all day a hour away. What did I do?? Cleaning and doing the laundy... Making calls including the damn maintenance men to fix the kitchen disposal and cooking for me n my daughter . Hurry up the office so I can go back to work And earn money !!
I don't know how y'all ( stay at home moms) do it lol. But of course I'm looking forward to those 14 weeks off work after the baby is born so I can spend more time with the kids and relax a little bit .
Don't get me wrong ... I sure did loved sleeping in all day no work tho lol


— I know this feeling I tried before to be a stay at home wife but I wanted to choke my husband so I went back to work. I'll see how it goes this time around.

— Damn . At last kids keep us busy tho lol even tho my daughter drives me nuts she keeps me busy and I get to clean and all that but the thought of not leaving home and going to work kills me I like having money on me !!!! I'm so broke I hate depending on my boyfriend he has no problem with it but still...

— No, the company I was working for has closed. Since I was going on leave in 4 weeks I'm just sitting here going crazy

— @ayjeffries, girl im going crazy lol. Why tho? I mean u off work due to maternity leave ?

— I'm in the same boat... I'm struggling and it has been 3 days