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Soo I didn't know how I felt about just letting your child …

Soo I didn't know how I felt about just letting your child cry it out. It was always something my boyfriend wanted to try with our son but we always gave in to his heartbreaking cry. But last night it was 12:45am and I could not put down my son. ( also note that he got his 1st tooth over the weekend ) He was soooo over tired and I tried everything from feeding to rocking to cuddles and everything in between and nothing would work. So we decided to let him cry it out and see if he would put himself to sleep. After 15 minutes of him crying in his crib and mommy eyes glued to the baby monitor he not only fell asleep but didn't wake up once threw out the night for a feed, ( like he normally does) he slept until 6:30am. #almost5months


— Lol yay! Sometimes you just have to do that if you want some sleep nothing wrong with that

— @kerrigage, I did it again tonight but he only cried for like 5 maybe 10 minutes. He went down at 9 and hasn't made a sound since... well so far. fingers crossed he sleeping through the night again !

— I'm a big "let them cry it out" my baby sleeps so good now and I barely get up during the night anymore 👍 she's not getting teeth yet so that could change haha