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What should I give Adam as his first food!? Im open to ever…

What should I give Adam as his first food!? Im open to everyone's answer!


— I plan on starting my son off with the "nasty" ones. Like peas! I learned with my niece if you start them on fruits they have a harder time eating the veggies that aren't sweet!

— I gave my son peaches and he loved them. And then pears. And then I went on to vegetables and he loves carrots and and green beans, sweet potatoes, squash, he likes the vegetables more than the fruit and I gave him fruit first.. @mmmirage

— Sweet potatoes is a vegetable and very good for a first food to try!

— potatoes , carrots and banana

— there are regular carrots and sweet carrots and not really. her poop was just different because her body was digesting something new. no constipation

— @021715, haha perfect! I might do that then

— There my daughters initials 😂😂 I started her on mangos but I blended them up at home.

— @iloveni0820, did the bananas make her a lil constipated?

— @kateferrera, those are my two fav as well!! My doc said the same thing! I would do sweet potatoes as his dessert! Lol I don't want him growing up with bad food habits

— No lol it's a veggie but my baby loves them

— @021715, I was debating on string beans or carrots. Carrots doesn't count as sweet food does it?

— @arielmarietalks, that would be the perfect dessert for him! 😍

— @wyattsmommy91, that's what my doctor said!

— @sirenita_x3, what's mb??

— I did bananas first. My daughter likes the veggies more than the fruits.