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anyone else don't want the doctor to put there baby on them…

anyone else don't want the doctor to put there baby on them when he/she is born ? when there all bloody? i feel bad but i have a weak stomach and watching video's and stuff just grosses me out more and i don't want them to put my son on me.


— Lol I was at one of my friends births and she almost gagged when she saw we baby covered in the blood and stuff. She was like "no no no, I don't want to hold him. Clean him first. That's so gross... Ewwww" lol I was dying! But I want my baby covered in whatever I don't even care I just wanna hold him/her right after they come out.

— i don't even care tbh.. i just want him nowww lol

— They wrapped my daughter up for me, and handed her to me for a sec and then took her and cleaned her for others to hold. Personally it doesn't bother me, but you're not wrong for it bothering you.. But I can tell you you will probably be way too into the moment to care.

— You might be blessed and not have a bloody baby both of my kids were actually pretty clean when they put them on me

— I have had 3kids & I didn't want any of them placed on me after they came out . Lol . I was like wipe them off first then put baby on me . 😂😩

— It's different when its your baby. After you give birth & seeing your baby for the first time you probably won't even care. You'll be to into the moment.

— @elenaj, lol yes! i feel bad but i don't know lol it scares me

— No I'm the same way . 😂😂😂 I be thinking they smell . Lol .