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tmi warning i got a bump the size of my nipple next to my …

tmi warning
i got a bump the size of my nipple next to my nipple and it really hurts what can it be


— @shadowolfstar lol im glad u think so

— Omg that is adorable!!

— @shadowolfstar and face pimples i say ive been kissed by a frog while i was sleepin

— @shadowolfstar lol when there are more than one i call it a strawberry patch

— I love that! Totally stealing that name for butt pimples!

— @shadowolfstar thats where i get them lol i call them strawberries bc they come during summer and when im really stressed

— Hahaha yeah it's totally different when one pops up in an unexpected area! I had one on my butt once, it was sooooo weird!

— @shadowolfstar im nervous lol im not use to things popping up on my body besides my face and another place lol

— Good deal :) after this baby I want to get into the skin care business. Maybe a dermatologist (I'm kinda old to be starting that though) so I'm always looking into that stuff. I'm weird like that! So anywaaaaays, let me know what they say cause it's interesting!

— @meganeileen6 done that nothing is working @shadowolfstar i go tomorrow for my glucose test so ill bring it up

— It sounds like a deep "pimple" it's painful to deal with on your own so ask your doctor to deal with it. They use lidocaine and you won't feel nothing but the initial pinch of the shot! They may refer you to a dermatologist.

— try a warm compress on it?

— @peanutsmommy1203

— no there is no head nothing its the brown part around the nipple and one of the things grew over night i guess and its as big as the nipple and hurts like a b----

— Like pimple ?