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Hey mummies to be... 28 weeks exactly today ☺️ I have a qui…

Hey mummies to be... 28 weeks exactly today ☺️ I have a quick question, I have been getting an awful shooting pain in just one of my bum cheeks and I'm really struggling to walk.. Does anyone have any suggestions on what this is and if I can ease the pain? X


— Thanks girlies ☺️ seeing my midwife tomorrow so will see what she suggests!! It's a bloody nightmare as I'm struggling to walk 😭 xx

— Yup sciatica I agree with @deladeano keep mobile it will ease, i find if I rest with it it gets worse. You can get referred to physio by your midwife. I've had sciatica with all my pregnancies.

— I was advised to keep stretching to ease sciatica. And when I wasn't stretching I had a hot water bottle down my pants! X

— frozen peas and a paracetamol helps me, and usually a day of almost complete rest :-/ xx

— I get this when i walk too much..i ask my boyfriend to massage it and it seems to help a lot xx

— sounds like sciatica. its horrible. not much you can do i think hun. i had it too. like lightening from bum cheek down to my thigh. ouchie x