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Is he teething this early ??ok my son is 2weeks from 5 mont…

Is he teething this early ??ok my son is 2weeks from 5 months ,he drooling a lot ,keep chewing on his hands ..my hands ..his dad hands..his toys ..and he's a little fussy


— oh.. no

— Omg yes!and my son likes to hit when he's upset 😂😂@mrs.oliva

— yes it is but the fussyness isnt lol 😂

— It's exciting for me @mrs.oliva

— my son just turned 3 months and he's teething already lol.. and my sons bottom gums are already white and u can see teeth cutting through

— you're welcome (:

— Ok thanks Hun @tavarusmommy21

— His bottom gums are swollen but not red @delilahsmommy2.22

— well my doctor told me all those symptoms are teething. my son started teething at 3ish months. he even had teeth starting to break through. but it first started with all the drooling and chewing on things.

— I have infant Tylenol, bbay orejel and teethers. that's what helps my son. and we give him teething crackers. (:

— my baby has been doing that since two months. she isn't teething. when they are teething their gums will be red and swollen. chewing on their hands is a normal part of their development, the drooling comes from their salivary glands kicking in but they don't have a swallowing reflex.

— It's so exciting 🙈..but what can I do to help ? What's best to give him ,baby oral gel? @tavarusmommy21

— yes he's starting to teeth! (: how exciting! and it will be a little difficult because he will get more fussy once his teeth start breaking through.