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So went to the hospital at 4 this morning after My contract…

So went to the hospital at 4 this morning after
My contractions (which were back and front) lasted for over an hour at 4-5 minutes apart but never dilated past a 2 and my contractions stopped.. Was sent home and now I'm waiting for them to stray up again???? Anyone else have this.. The contractions were INSANE back labor is no joke..


— Thank you dear!! I'll be waiting to see your sweet bundle of joy! @morrinlove5185

— Oh my gosh yay for u!! Congrats mama!!!!!! @Emmaanne

— Aww yay!!! Good luck with everything! Stay strong! I had my baby boy today at 230 it was amazing. I am so full of love!

— At the hospital since 6 with crazy contractions. Got my epidural and I'm 7 cm dilated. Pray for me! Trying to rest for now.. 😍❤️👶🏻🙏🏻 bow bout u @emmaanne

— How's everything going?? Any progress?

— Praying for ya mama

— I've been having almost consistent contractions for 4 days now. My water is not broken and my contractions don't last long enough for me to be considered in labor, so I know how you feel.