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Think This Is One Of If Not My First Sad Post..... Having A…

Think This Is One Of If Not My First Sad Post..... Having A Down Day Today! Have Found Myself Crying For The Last Hour Straight, Putting It Down To Loneliness. I've Been Home Alone All Day As My Boyfriend Had Been At Work And Now He Has Gone Out For A Drink With His Friend To Unwind :( Doesn't Help That Baby Has Been Hurting Me All Day, Pushing Out Of On My Left Side & In The Ribs And Back Area But I Guess Any Movement Is Good Movement (The Only Positive Thing I Can See In This) Just Haven't Felt This Down In A Loooooong Time 😭


— @Jumpingjellybeans, im glad I'm not the only one! I hope you have a better day tomorrow too! Just nice to have company sometimes especially during the week when home alone :) x

— @babypuddick, I'm having a down day too, I felt brighter on Friday and Saturday I actually felt excited about the baby for the first time and so we went buggy shopping. (We know what we want but will buy next month) and slowly through Sunday and today have felt down again, plus moody today. It's hard to stay positive. My hubby is out tonight too at the gym and I think that gets me down, I've got nothing for myself. I'm a stay at home mum and I don't have the car as my hubby needs it for work so get lonely and feel isolated a lot. It's rubbish. Hope you have a more positive day tomorrow, I'm praying for that too! Xx❤️

— It's awful how long it takes! X

— We had our offer accepted early February.

— It's just that I feel so much more let down when I do feel positive as it goes wrong anyway I think what's the point. At least when I'm expecting it to go wrong I'm less disappointed when it does. Never moving again after this x

— @bambi14, Oh no! I had the same issue with our house we put an offer on it in January and were let down so many times only moved in 2 weeks ago! It's a very stressful thing to do while pregnant as well! We have to stay positive though :) our babies need us to be! :) x

— Sorry you're feeling down. I've been the same today, ANOTHER let down/postpone on the house. After 6 weeks of constant let downs and getting my hopes up only to have it thrown in my face I've had enough. What's the point in thinking positive when you're just let down repeatedly 😩