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OmG I've never been so popular! And every single call / txt…

OmG I've never been so popular! And every single call / txt is the same .... Have u had the baby yet??!! ... "Yes of course iv had him I just totally forgot to announce it to everyone! Thank god u txt to remind me!!" Arrggghh even my bf txt me earlier to ask if I'd gone in to labour yet!! Like he wouldn't be the FIRST PERSON ID TELL!! Grrrr


— Oh I know it's a joke ain't it.... It's not helping my impatientness!!!

— i got soo sick of this too @cwev it was everyday all day long! lol wears you down x

— i can imagine your frustration hun. id be just as mad. let the annoyance flow n whoever gets it, gets it lol xx

— I was thinking about this. I'm gonna text everyone a week or two before due date and say I will let you all know asap when baby arrives. It won't be my first priority though. so don't bother texting. obviously immediate family will be first to know. I wouldn't dare bother people and all our friends have always let us know ASAP. no need for it lol xxx

— Haha sounds like everyone is so excited lol xxx

— haha I've just written a post about silly things people say :-D btw, have u had ur baby yet?!? ;) lmao xx