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Ok so I'm sorry ahead of time but I have nowhere else to go…

Ok so I'm sorry ahead of time but I have nowhere else to go to talk or vent. I seriously am in beyond shock. I found out last night that my fiancé was responding to those women on the spam emails saying dirty things and sending pictures. It has broken my fucking heart. I trusted him and yet I still had a feeling....I guess it's right a woman always knows when something isn't right.... I honestly am so scared and hurt and angry and I don't know what to do. He apologized and is begging my forgiveness and said he would prove to me he would never do it again and prove to me I will trust him again. I don't know if I am stupid for giving him another chance or not. He has never done anything before and I know people make mistakes and I feel like maybe for the sake of our daughter it is worth the second chance so she can have us together. I love him more than anything but I am terrified....


— anytime 😉

— 😄😄😄most definitely

— @honeydip, @queenquee @mandi0101111 thank you ladies you are all very right.

— @coraanne, unfortunately there is nowhere else for either of us to go and we live together but things are definitely not going to be the same at all. He will learn real quick what he has and will lose 😔

— The same thing happened to me. My boyfriend and I had broken up for about 2 weeks and I decided to give him another chance. We are now living together and have a baby girl on the way. I try to believe that he has changed and so far he hasn't given me any reason to not trust him. It's hard to trust someone after being lied to . But people do change. He definitely would have to earn your trust back!

— @mmmirage, I told him if I decide to forgive him it is going to take a long time. I don't forgive easily... He makes me happier than anyone which is why this hurts so badly. It will take a lot for him to prove it and it definitely won't happen even close to soon...

— @bryawna13, you're welcome.. 😄😄 Always remember no one is perfect. one time I say forgive him.. if there is ever a second time cut him loose. then I would say you deserve better. But God Bless you both and I hope he get it together for the sake of y'all relationship and y'all child 😄

— honestly girl people do change takes time but they do. you have to honestly willing to forgive if you want it to work. you can't throw this back at his face when you get upset if you choose to forgive him because it will never work. I think if you honestly love him it's worth another chance. just let him know that you won't be tolerating it ever again for the sake of your child. I hope it all works out ma ma.

— @momofroyalty, @queenquee @kimberlyyyy thank you ladies. 💟That really helps more than you realize.

— Ugh I've been there girl! What I would do is tell him you need space, a few days to yourself, show him what life would be like without you.

— @momofroyalty, I'm about to message you.

— @momofroyalty, me and my husband has too. Nothing is wrong with that. we're human. You learn from the mistakes that you make and forgive one another and try to make it work. 😄😄

— mine was recent like 6 months ago

— It's true, nothing is stronger than a woman's instincts and they also say once a cheater, always a cheater. Don't settle for the sake of your daughter. I see lots of people do that and it only disturbs the child more because of commotions. You want to be happy and with someone sincere to you. Just don't forgive him too soon.. I feel like he will feel like U let him get away with it and don't tell him U would be with him for the sake of your baby because he will feel deep down that he can do anything then. Let him be aware that U want happiness and loyalty and Ur not gna settle for anything less

— but he's never admited to it just apologized and tried harder.