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ughh i just wan tto kno what im haveing already so i can go…

ughh i just wan tto kno what im haveing already so i can go shopping got to wait like 6weeks more


— im finding out tomorrow at 15 weeks... but im paying for it :(

— I find out when I'm 14 weeks but I'm going to pay 50 for it. I would have To wait until I'm 20 weeks if I went through my doctor

— I found out at 13 weeks but I did pay for it.

— I had to wait until 20 weeks with my son. With this one im traveling an hour away and paying for an ultrasound so I can hopefully find out at 15 weeks.

— @ivelyss215, I had to wait 20 weeks for my gender determination ultrasound my 1st 2 pregnancies but this time they are giving me the blood test at 13 weeks... my next apt. maybe they can do that for you. it also checks for any abnormalities.

— i hope so to luv @jsb87

— ugh sorry to hear that. I dreaded the long wait for 20 weeks to do the ultrasound but I always bought little things in unisex (yellow, white) to cheer me. hope these 6 weeks go by fast for u

— cuz they said next time they do ultrasound when im about 20weeks

— Why do you have to wait 6 more week's?