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random post.. just been reading something similar online.. …

random post.. just been reading something similar online.. have any of you ladies had to endure rude/stupid/insensitive comments or questions from family and friends? if so, feel free to share those little gems lol x


— Aw i like the names u picked @elisabetesantos my other half doesn't seem to like any names i think of lol.
@phiney haha that made me laugh!! sometimes ur just not in the mood for dumb people lol i even have a t shirt that says "hands off the bump" for when im in a low tolerance mood, and it actually works wonders :-D xx

— i get the same said to me, when you due .. reply.. not for xamount of weeks yet.. shocked faces really you look like your about to pop or your youngest is 15 oh my your crazy to be doing it all again, but the new one..i had bh at a till in asda on friday doing the weekly shop cashier said oooh dont have it here im first aid qualified but i dont want to be doing that!!! 😠😠😠 bearing in mind i had just had a bh and some dozy man had clipped me with his trolley because somehow im the size of a beached whale and he didnt see me so im fuming already. my reply was have no fear love i dont want your dirty fat fingers anywhere near my lady parts or the first thing my son to see is your charming looking face which im sure would crack if you smiled once in a while and with that i took the trolley and left my partner to pay! im not normally a rude person but grrrr😠😠! patience levels are rapidly declining x

— I had kendrick and dwayne for a boy and amber or samia for a girl 😊 let me know what colour your little jelly bean is on friday 😊xx

— haha aw i love the name! kendrick and Kinley were on my list but fiance said no 😡 lol xx

— @essex-angel, Oh thats annoying..i hate it when people think they have the right to tell us what to do with our babies..Kendrick Taylor they say its too heavy and complicated for a baby 😩 well babies become adults eventually 😂 and i absolutly love that name 😝 xx

— aw bless ya @elisabetesantos , my main d*ckhead relative is my father, we've never got on. he told me i mustn't find out the sex of bubba.. my baby, my choice.. lol i find out the sex on Friday haha. What name have u chosen for ur little boy xx

— The women in my boyfriends family decided they dont like my sons name...and keep saying ( not asking..SAYING) i need to change it ... i never answer back because i dont want to be rude but it gets on my nerves soooo bad! Who's giving birth to him ?! Me or them ?! I cant stand it. And they keep saying oh wow your belly is big..you gonna have a big baby -.- i just can't. I even avoid coming over to his anymore because of them xx

— Haha @sazockaz14 i keep getting that! my answer is always "very sure thanks, had a couple of scans..."
although, its always better getting stupid stuff from strangers, rather than relatives/friends @jumpingjellybeans @elisabetesantos xx

— I keep getting told I'm massive and am I sure it's not twins! I wouldn't dare say anything negative! when I look at other pregnant ladies around the same stage I'm not any bigger. lol xx

— pahaha oh my! have u managed not to tell these people?! lol. We're always "huge" or have a "tiny bump", never a happy medium lol x

— I always get the: when are you due? (Reply) wow looks like you'll be having a big baby!! (Baring in mind I'm measuring dead on my weeks and the fact I'm extremely sensitive atm about weight etc!!) how the fudge do they know how big the baby is going to be?? Do they have x-ray/weighing vision! And the other remark that really gets me down is; what is the age gap going to be? (18/19 months) wow your going to be busy!! Really!! You don't say!! I thought it was going to be a breeze!! Please stop reminding me!! 🙉🙉🙉🙉

— Haha mines usually from my father! or strangers. grrr lol x

— Yesss all the time from my boyfriends side. Gets on my nerves x