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does anyone alse feel bad about there husband/boyfriend paying for everything. I just always feels so bad and I want to get a job to help him pay for everything but he keeps telling me that I don't need to get a job, that once the baby gets her I won't have time for a job. I just wanna be able to get things foe myself

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— I am in the exact same place as you are... it's really hard not being able to help him especially during this pregnancy.

— I know how you feel! I've always worked, but I gotta tell yo u it feels good to spend your own money too!

— My husband works and I don't anymore till our son goes to school. I've worked since I was 11 years old at a rock quarry I think I deserve a little break. We talked about it before hand. My whole monthly paycheck would go to child care so there's no point in going to work full time to pay someone else to raise our kid. And I still do my dad's business paperwork and I do all the house stuff and take care of the bills ect. So I don't feel real bad anymore cause I am working I just don't get paid

— Just show him that you appreciate everything he does . But there's work from home that you can do even if it's starting your own business .

— yah I love doing crafts I need to find something

— I always get really down on myself about not having a job but my fiancé always tells me that it's okay because I'm growing our baby. Although now I have a babysitting job he still would never let me get down on myself like that

— I've been a SAHM since 03. My husband works. I don't feel bad get plus for everything. I do everything at home, Take care of the house and kids, 5, while he works. If you're not just sitting around doing nothing then you shouldn't feel bad. our job is way harder, and we do it for free.

— *he pays

— @breann5269 I feel the same way. my husband told me the same thing.

— No my fiancé is the only one that works, when i got pregnant he made me quit my job and I'm now a stay at home aunty and handle eveything he can't while we wait for my daughter to get here. so no i don't feel bad and he won't let me feel bad.