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hello im 19 and pregnant. this is my first pregnancy. i don…

hello im 19 and pregnant. this is my first pregnancy. i dont no what to expect. theres so many changes. im moody alot, sleep alot eat alot, pea alot. my back feet and ankles hurt. also my nipples hurt they r getting darker and the skin around em is getting dry. i hate the smell of turkey lunch meat now. i want sex alot. my skins breaking out. im on prenatals. some one please help me understand all this.


— @queenof2, listed some great websites. Also get the book What to Expect When You're Expecting it is a great book easy to read with soooooo much info.

— check out some of the pregnancy websites they have alot of helpful information for each stage of your pregnancy: thebump.com, whattoexpect.com, babycenter.com, parents.com and etc

— thank u sweetie

— its a crazy experience. all those things are completely normal, you get weird cravings, some things you used to love you will hate, your body will do strange things, you'll be very hormonal, sometimes not feel too hot,but i promise when you feel your baby moving inside you, it will all make sense! my pregnancy has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, and im due to have my girl next weekend. Just hang in there girl, and if you need any advice or someone to talk to im here! and the rest of the ladies on here. Just try to enjoy it as much as you can!

— This is my first pregnancy too. and its not as bad as it may be..

— It's part of being pregnant. It's hormone and body changes