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so...I went to the drs today, and I have to get another ultrasound, bc when i got my 20 week they didn't get a picture if his heart. she said everything's fine, she just wants a better picture of it. I'm scared and nervous I'm not sure why....
and the Dr told me I need to get out of the house more bc I could be falling into depression.
anndddd I have my glucose test Fb 25!!

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โ€” don't worry, when I went in for my 20 weeks it was the same with her heart and face as she always had her feet in her face...the way she was positioned they couldn't see everything. I had 3 anatomy scans and finally they were able to get good pictures and everything with my little girl is healthy.

โ€” @eskawho, thank you got the reassurance๐Ÿ˜Š

โ€” i have to do the same thing cause i did mine at 19 weeks too and he was on his stomach the whole ultrasound so she couldnt see his face either

โ€” @brie15, I'm just a little scared ya know because I already was told he's fine and I have to go back to go threw it again.

โ€” its fine its just we did ours too early so its a little harder to see and they have to have those measurements and pictures so they kbow baby is healthy nothing to worry about its just another opportunity to see baby and not because they think something is wrong just so they have accurate information

โ€” don't trip I had my 20 week sonogram in the beginning of December nd he was fine then the schedule me for a fetal echo sonogram the next week. I was freaking out because I thought if they saw all his organs at the anatomy scan why do I need a F.E sonogram, but when I went to the F.E I understood why...there machine is different u get to see all the chambers of ur babies heart a and it comes up red nose blue. it's actually pretty awesome, so don't freak out little mama I'm sure everything is normal.

โ€” red nd blue ** not black nd white

โ€” Feb 25th is my due date

โ€” thanks lady's, calming my nerves a bit๐Ÿ˜† @kismet_carri @brie15 and really!?,I'll be thinking a out you when I'm in there!!! @ashleyrdz