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I'm torn.... Some people have asked me if I'm having a baby shower. I really don't want one. I had one 16 years ago with my oldest, 4 years ago with my daughter and I'm sure my stepson mom had one we she was pregnant. Isn't that too much? What are your thoughts?

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— every baby deserves a shower especially when they're that far apart!

— Hmmmmm didn't know if I should since this is my 3rd... But I'm considering it. Maybe something very small me milyyy96___

— @emilyyy96___,

— do like a baby sprinkle. it would be fun. my mom had 5 kids and showers with all of us. if I have another girl I'm not having a shower since my daughter is only 13 months, but if it's a boy I'm going all out haha

— Lol! A friend of mine said do a baby sprinkle I'm like wth is that? So it's a smaller version I'm guessing? I'm going to do it. Whoever shows great whoever doesn't that's great too ☺️@emilyyy96___

— you could do a sip and see after baby is born I know a lot of ladies that have a couple kids who did that with a new baby.

— I had one with my first son I didn't want one with my second son lol but my mom threw one last minute an now my third baby I really don't want one but there probably gonna throw one again. its like after the first kid showers are boring lol

— Good suggestion! Thanks! @jadien2010

— @beeziebee1318, and a lot of work

— you're welcome

— yea that too! I honestly think there all just for show. ..for the family if you don't want one don't have one if its going to stress you out u know

— I myself I'm only doing a gender reveal party at the beach in sf...

— yes it's a smaller baby shower :)

— I did a baby shower with all 3 of my kids and my 4th babys shower is this Saturday coming up!!!

— @emilyyy96___, thanks! I think I'm going to do something.... I'm brainstorming

— A sprinkle

— Or a sip and see

— I think I'm going to do the sprinkle @cheflitab I really only want close friends and family over after the baby is born.