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I just dropped my phone on my daughter Dx! I'm a horrible person!!!!!!! 😵😵😵😵😵

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— don't be sad love at least u didn't drop your daughter on your phone lol

— I feel so bad though @meplusmytwo she was just sleeping so calmly

— did u wake her? @mom2be96

— well yeah I dropped my galaxy on her it's as big as her! @meplusmytwo

— iv done that before i think with both kids lol. all i wanted was a pic hahah but it didnt hurt them:)

— she started to cry but I snatched her up and started rocking her and apologizing repeatedly. then she just looked at me like I'm retarded @mommybump3

— comment was deleted

— @mom2be96, yes thats what happened to me also. i felt so bad:(

— im such a nosy person lol I always wanna know why people deleted their comment Hahaha but ive done this also. my baby is only a little over a month ive done it twice just trying to get the best picture Haha shes a champ the doesn't even phase her

— tho