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Morning Ladies. I woke up to very mild cramping. Almost like period cramps. I was thinking b hicks but most I haven't felt Amy b hicks like that my whole pregnacy. I also have been feeling a weird pressure on my vag when I turn over in my sleep or am trying to get out of bed. I don't really wanna go L&D bc it didn't make me feel like anything is wrong just made me curious. @mrssabby @sexii_diiva @babyboolala @meplusmytwo is this normal or nah??

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— It's very normal. I felt that most of my 3rd trimester

— @meplusmytwo Good bc I hate L&D

— hahaha @jellybeansmommie u thought u was bout to have a baby or something? NO NO NO NOT TODAY lmao

— Good luck keep us posted

— @meplusmytwo 😂😂😂😂 No I can't have her yet! I'm not tryin to lose any friends. @momof6 I will. They pretty much stopped fir now

— @meplusmytwo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 you too stupid... I sure was bout to blacklist you for going in before me @jellybeansmommie 😉

— @sexii_diiva, y'all petty lol only a lil tho. its cool. I'm not tryin to go in before feb 7th after that she can come anytime she wants. @meplusmytwo Bruh you need to get to doin some labor inducing exercises and get ta humpin ASAP

— girl @jellybeansmommie I have tried EVERYTHING and I can't have sex cuz daddy gained all the weight during this pregnancy and he's very hormonal so he doesn't feel sexy rite now

— @meplusmytwo lol daddy gained weight.. I would have been like boy you better gimme that D

— @sexii_diiva, lmao an the funny thing is he is the biggest thug in the streets but get home an turns into the pregnant lady

— @sexii_diiva 😂😂😂 Right. @meplusmytwo One does not simply ask for the D we TAKE the D lmao..

— 😂😂😂😂😂

— @meplusmytwo Men are WEAK. They think they are the superior sex but let the punks catch a cold. smh

— If you're unsure about what's going on say a prayer and call your doctor boo. I have no idea what Amy braxton hicks are. LOL I'm so old I don't know all these new things they coming up with in pregnancy

— I meant any.. I was typing to fast for my own good. lol @babyboolala. But it wasn't alarmimg it didn't scare me it was like oh... these are new lol

— @babyboolala


— @jellybeansmommie, it's normal I have spd the pain when turning over in bed is from the pelvis being unstable, babies head down so vag pressure is normal I can barely walk to pee lol a@d don't let me lay down and try to get up, oh boy

— i felt like a balloon body tryin to get up this morning lol thats why I prefer the couch. @mrssabby

— @jellybeansmommie, that's me everyday lol