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What do u ladies think? I made

What do u ladies think? I made this using Picsart 😩😧 It took me an hour haha

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— I love it! You did good.

— @junebaby, Thanks girl!:)))

— its cute! :) ♡ @sinabear

— Love it

— @josewuvbabywuv, Thanks love!:) ❤❤❤❤❤❤

— @regelbaby, Thank you!!!:) ❤❤❤

— I like that u put "RSVP ASAP." I didn't put a date when ppl shud RSVP by and I got a lot of very late rsvps. Which is fine but I needed some accurate ish numbers so I knew how much food to get.

— @regelbaby, yeah same here! i need to know how many people wanna come :/ i dont have any friends here....ehhh... :(

— Did u move from ur hometown?

— @regelbaby, Im actually in my hometown. You see i moved when i was around 12. Moved to Colorado & been there most my life...since last August. & i havent made any friends. its a small town & everyone wants to party nowadays

— Well I've always said you only need at least 1 friend. I have a small group of friends but they are the truest most genuine friends a girl could ask for!

— My baby shower is Feb 21st, too!! Yayy!

— @regelbaby, true true:)!

— @courtbangel_xoxo, yay!!! thats awesome! :)