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Has anyone had the mirena IUD?! I've had mine for a few months now and it's unbearably painful to have sex. I cramp so bad I seriously want to ball up into a ball and cry! It's almost to the point I want to go to the emergency room! Has anyone anyone else had this problem with it?! Please I need help

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— I had it years ago and had to have it removed because it was lodged in the side of my uterus and it happen during sex

— Oh my gosh. Sex is literately so painful. Me and my fiancé have to quit because it hurts so bad. I'm really wanting it took out! @mrssabby

— I never had problems. You may need it changed or repositioned. It shouldn't hurt like that.

— @kaitlynwgers, what @junebaby said my husband felt mine and they said he shouldn't but when the looked and took it out, it was shifted and bent like and f and it's a T lol I would make an appointment and get checked

— @mrssabby, @kaitlynwgers I have heard of them getting dislodged and perforating the uterus which is scary. Definitely get it checked out. Mine actually just came out last June. I went to the bathroom and was coughing and out it came.

— I'll definitely be going Monday if not Monday I'll be taking a trip to the ER either tonight or tomorrow. @mrssabby @junebaby

— @junebaby, wowzers I know that was scary

— My sister has had hers almost a year and has never had any pain from it, it isn't supposed to hurt. if it hurts you need to get it removed, the doctor put it in wrong.

— Also, if it's put in wrong, it can grow to your uterus and you'll have to get it surgically removed.

— mine went further up into my uterus I had to have it surgically removed. I was sleep during the process. but it was a great method up until that happened.

— @kaitlynwgers, Yes I was in so much pain I was blacking in and out I was in severe pain to the point I was nauseous