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so mommies me and my hubby have a prob not last night but night before we had unprotected sex our choice I know I have the IUD in and my daughter is two and half months.I had just ended my period days before. I know how the whole cycle thing works and how long sperm can live inside. well by accident I fell asleep with it in me I didn't mean too and when I woke up to use bathroom and feed daughter none of it fell out.😮i know being on the IUD can cause missed periods so we plan to wait till March to make a doc app to find out. but my question is what are my chances? I'm not aimming to be prego again just yet it was just one of those night's I know y'all can't give real answer but opinions are welcome sorry so long

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— 3-4 days

— huh?

— IUDs are effective pretty much as soon as they are in place. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

— @earthrose13 No they're not sweetheart! You have to wait a month before they become truly effective and even then you're pushing it. I've had it three times the doctors told me the same thing

— my doctor told me to take precautions for a week after insertion.

— yes I got it I'm December on my six week check that's why I'm asking y'all opinions who have been through yhis

— I got pregnant with my little guy with the parguard iud it is possible

— okay thank you so I should just keep an eye out

— @babyboolala, I'm just repeating what my OB told me when I had mine placed. And no babies in here! I am exclusively breastfeeding so maybe that helps but I'm extremely allergic to latex and spermicide so I haven't used anything else.

— It's possible to get pregnant on the IUD. I didn't before I had it removed, but I would check in about 6 weeks (convince them to do an ultrasound) because someone I know got pregnant on it and all tests came back negative until the ultrasound

— Doctors are supposed to be on one accord lol @earthrose13

— I know someone who got pregnant shortly after insertion. I was on it 4 years and didn't get pregnant until I had it removed

— thanks @sarah3