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Here's when she only had 3.

Here's when she only had 3.

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— oh my goodness 😄😄😄 So cute!!!!!

— OMG she looks jus like my chihuahua when she had her pupps back in September @kirstenxoxo

— They're so cute and tiny

— how many did she have, mines had 5 but one didn't make it so 4

— She had 4. We thought it was going to be 5 but it's been 2 hrs since the last one was born so 4 it is. @karley

— hmm well you never know, she can still have one more in there lol, my dog had her last pup like 3 or 4 hrs later

— anyways congrats on the cute puppies

— Oh wow really?! She keeps licking herself like she's about to give birth and I swear I see one moving around in there. Thanks @karley

— Your welcome, did she have one more? she's gona look skinny when she's had them all @kirstenxoxo

— Nope she only had 4. She looks even skinnier than she did before she got pregnant! @karley