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So my man's so sexually frustrated. He's been waiting for 3 almost 4 months lmao I was woundering if it's okay to have sex? It's been 6 weeks already since I've had my baby.

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— if you're 6 weeks pp and YOU feel you are completely healed and ready to give it a shot, then it's safe to go for it. just use protection if you don't have birth control yet because women are very fertile after giving birth. I'd also recommend using lube (water based) because it does kind of hurt for a minute but then it's 😍😍😍 lmao.

— yup. it's good to go after 6 weeks. get it girl.😊

— @sgtpeppertheory, @kimmygarrett85 LMAO! You girls are too funny! 😂😂😂😂😂 Well I know what I'm doing Tonight lmao!

— U haven't gone to ur 6week check up boo?

— Usually your doctor will tell you if it's okay to start again or not, I though. Most women wait for their doctors consent, and then after that, until their comfortable.

— @babyboolala, no, I went to a month after postpartum check up. the doctor just proscribed me birth control pills and told me to come back 2 months later to see if I like them or to change my birth control option. @rachelmariecroxton when I went to that same appointment she said that I would only have to wait 2 more weeks to have sex. so I mean it's already a little past 6 weeks for me.

— Well, I'd honestly wait another week or so, if I were you. Unless You're comfortable with it. Because everybody heals differently, You're the only one who knows your body completely and how fast it takes you to heal from things. Just wait until You're comfortable. 6 weeks is just the usual heal time.

— @rachelmariecroxton, yeah, I mean im feeling fine. but your right

— comment was deleted

— You should be fine. ^-^