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thoughts on the mirena IUD?

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— I had it for the 5 years worked good

— I had it for two years. worked great

— it worked for me as far as not getting me pregnant but i had lots of problems with it...but personally i tired almost all birth control and always have a body doesn't do good with birth control

— I had it five years and it worked great I loved it!!

— my Dr recommend I get this after I have the baby I was trying to figure out how good it was too

— was it painful to get it inserted? @dec_sept_apr @junebaby @smithgirl @ashleyrdz

— it was uncomfortable. like cramping.

— it helped with my periods. I have horrible cramps and painful periods. after I got it my periods just went to spotting and I had no cramps. I did have cramps for a few days after getting it put in.

— Oh Ok Thanks @junebaby

— i dont really remember it being painful when they put it in

— When she put it in it was just a lil uncomfortable no different than when you get a pap or when they check your cervix. I had period like cramp the rest of the day but all in all it was totally worth it!!

— Oh Ok cool. I think I'm going with the mirena because it's the only thing I think will b good for me...I'm not gonna remember to take pill at same times everyday... the shot make u gain weight... I don't want the patch... I don't want an implant in my arm... I don't like sticking things in myself so nuvaring is out Lol so mirena it is @ashleyrdz

— lol I actually got pregnant with my first daughter on the depo and feel the same about all the rest!!

— Lol Yea and definitely not tryna get pregnant ever again Lol so Yea I wanted something long term I just heard it was painful to get it put in so I was just wondering what kind of pain I need to expect. my doctor said he will insert 8 weeks after delivery well 7 now that my son is 1 week old @ashleyrdz