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plz excuse my last husband posted that...he trying to be a jerk since i don't take my vitamins...which my doc said i didnt have too 😑

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— you don't have to take them but they are recommend due to making sure the baby doesn't steal all your body's supplie

— i kno but they make me very sick 😦

— did he read what i wrote? yew viatamins are great but iv hardly taken them with all my pregnancies and my babies are fine:)

— I take two Flintstone vitamins every day instead of my prenatal

— idk lol he driving me crazy about not taking my vitamins...he feeds them to me eveyday and sometimes i have to sneak an throw them away ugh

— women's one a day gummies have folic acid in them too. so u could try those

— im try those since he feels that i need to take something @meplusmytwo thanks

— thanks @alicia3_18 ....also i need something that does consumpate me

— I take the gummies or two flinstones with iron.

— I'm not sure if you should take women's one a day while you're pregnant! You need to ask your doctor what is safe to take during pregnancy. Praying for you baby girl! 😘

— thanks @babyboolala ☺

— @junebaby, iam going to try the flinstones ...thsnks hun