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I love how the weather here goes from freeze cold one day to "hey, let's have a picnic 😄" the next day. Smh....weird weather

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— 😂😂 lets have a picnic

— It's true, haha. It was like 20 something last night. Today, it's been in the upper 50s. Almost 60

— @jellybeansmommie 👆👆 @steph__x0x0 where do you live?

— East Tennessee 😊 we haven't had a good snow in years though 😔 just the freezing weather

— It almost 60 here to and it was just 7 like 2 wks ago. I live in Illinois buy closer to stl

— same here in Indiana

— Stl? St.Louis? I've heard the weather nice there @jellybeansmommie

— @laura_love yea is nice for all of 20mins lol it has a mind of its own

— I always think of the beach boys when I someone mentions indiana

— @kjfagg,

— Haha, I know what you mean. Like 95% of the time when my mom mentions the words grill out, it just so happens to rain

— haha!

— gurl here in Texas is bipolar weather too smh!! no joke

— @jellybeansmommie, 👆👆 @mrsruvalcaba I've heard that, but both times I went to Texas, it stayed pretty warm the whole week