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To the young girls that's like sixteen and stuff you do not want to have a child I saw this show today where these young teen girls wanna be moms I was like no it's hard yes I love being a mom but I'm twenty and it's still hard sorry ladies just had to say that I hope the girls of this generation start thinking right

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— exuse me lady but some of us did it on accident sooo yah -_- unless u know what happened to every single teen mother out there keep ya mouth shut!.

— I understand if it wasn't planned but for the ones who planned it I think they should be thinking about other things

— I'm pretty sure she said the ones that wanted to have a baby.... there's a big difference. if it's on accident that's totally understandable. but for the ones who are TRYING... it makes me sad because there is so much more to learn about life and yourself before a baby is in the picture.

— @mymunchkins, I completely agree with you. I'm 20 about to be 21 and I can honestly say I was not ready for this at all. I don't know how 14-17 year olds are doing it

— Yes I definitely didn't plan my boys and I'm twenty but I don't regret them but I also finished high school and have to wait an extra year before I can start college o just hope these girls wanting to have kids so young start to think about their future first before they think about lids

— Kids

— I know that's what I'm saying I feel bad when I hear that girls so young want kids @channie03

— Yup, I'm due next month and refused to put school on hold and had to register for online classes and I'm only taking 2 classes because I know it was be extremely hard with a newborn, and now that I'm so close I wish I could have only registered for 1 but that would have set me more back than planned. And yes our future is now our children's future and that's something they don't think about @mymunchkins

— Yup

— Don't wanna be that a hole or anything but no one gets pregnant on accident. 16 or 35, if you're having sex you should know there's a chance to get pregnant. For as many teen moms as there are, it's a shame. These girls know better.

— So @mymunchkins I agree. It's sad, because most of these young girls want these babies this young.

— I'm not sure how to tag ppl I never Realli post on this app but I read a lot I agree wth the writer of this post I am now 28 I had my first at the age of 16 and it was tough and to the little one tht chose to comment and tell her to "shut your mouth lady " ur rude and tht was unnecessary if u had fully read the post u wud have understood exactly wht she was trying to say ..... U will get no where in life wth that type of attitude it's clear u have a lot of growing up to do u must feel guilty if u choose to wear the shoe

— I'm no where near the same person that I was when I was 16. I can't imagine how difficult it would have been to figure out who I am while having a baby. I'm 25 and I still don't feel ready!

— I am twenty and my pregnancy wasn't in my plan for another two years when I graduate from college. I know things are going to be hard. my baby changed me in a great way but I still say they should wait until they are on their feet with an higher education and a great career.

— yes I'm 23 going to be 24 this yr...I really wanted to be done with college before kids.... but of course my lil lady popped up and now I have to put it on hold. I really couldn't imagine any younger doing this.... its already a struggle.. im just lucky I got a bd that knows how to keep a job and parents who are there for me if I ever need them...

— Yes ladies my babies were not planned and I now have to wait till after this child to finish school I didn't plan for kids but my boys are my life but I couldn't imagine doing it at a young age but thank you ladies for helping me and understanding what I meant love you ladies 💚💛❤️💜💙👶👣🍼