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At my Dr appt today while I was waiting I heard a little tiny baby crying and I thought that it was probably getting its shots. It made me sad to think about when I'm going to have to take my little girl to get hers and she's not going to understand whats going on except that momma is letting something hurt her. She won't know its for her own good cause she's not able to understand yet. That breaks my heart for her to feel that way. Then I thought that must be what its like for God when were going through things that hurt us and we ask him why he would be letting this happen. He knows we wont understand the reasons yet but we can be assured that he said all things would work together for good for those who believe. It reminded me that God does care when we cry and are confused and don't understand but he let's us go through things because he wants what's best for us. So just like one day my little girl will understand why I let her go through that I believe we will understand why God let's us go through our hard times even if its not until we're in heaven with him. A lot of times I think he shows us why in this life too.

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— i love this post. i never thought of it that way. it has opened my eyes a little bit. thank you.

— me either. It made me feel better though so I wanted to share it