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I have a SERIOUS problem. when my baby is born I want it to sleep in its cute little crib but my boyfriend wants to cosleep. I'm afraid of squishing the poor thing since my man and I both roll around at night. HELP!!!

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— they have little beds that go on your bed so you wont roll on them

— like this

— @deliahsmommy2015 thank you so much! I'm just worried about rolling on the baby and were both deep sleepers as well. I want a living baby when I wake up in the morning

— I CO slept with my daughter for 2 months after she was born because she wouldn't sleep anywhere else. I can tell you that she is 6 months on the 28th of this month and now she has an addiction to sleeping in her swing. don't let them sleep anywhere but a crib or pack n play as it is a bad habit to break and it is stressful trying to break them when they scream for so many hours because they are not I'm their preferred sleeping area lol. also I wouldn't recommend CO sleeping if you know that you roll in your sleep. my fiance does but I know for a fact that I do not, so for two months I slept on one side to keep him from rolling onto our daughter lol

— oops @delilahsmommy2015

— @brie127 thank you! my man and I will smack each other in our sleep and not know or care. a couple times he might wake me because he's practically on top of me. I wouldn't mind putting the baby in a bassinet in our room for a few months as we all adjust to everything and then place it in a crib but actually having the baby in the bed scares the living daylights out of me

— no problem :) our daughter still sleeps in our room, we are in the middle of trying to switch her from sleeping in the swing to sleeping in her crib. with my son I had him in my room until he was 1, so there's never a problem with sharing rooms to ensure your babies safety and to settle your mind :)

— my son will be 4 on the 27th of this month and sometimes I still want him to sleep in our room lol

— I have one of those like brie15 mentioned. mine is called a snuggle nest. I love it! Especially when I first came home from the hospital and had to nurse at night. The one thing that makes me nervous about it is the sides are solid and my son rolls to the side with his face against it. :-( There are other brands with mesh sides though. The also have cosleepers that are made to go beside the bed instead of in the bed with you.

— My husband, and I let our sin sleep in bed with us, now he's 8 and still wants too

— thank you everyone. I asked my parents and they're like "no do you want a dead baby?" and of course I say no. I don't mind if the baby is in the same room as us but in the same bed just worries me especially with the two of us rolling around pillows and blankets.

— Yea im not letting or daughter sleep with us unless it's short naps or whatever. we are both wild sleepers and I am NOT risking anything...

— @mdomke22 that's my greatest fear is rolling on the baby. I don't mind if the baby sleeps in our room the first few months instead of the nursery but having the baby in the bed is just scary