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Love the stroller and carseat we

Love the stroller and carseat we got for Emily. Can't believe how versatile it is. So excited to use it♡♡♡

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— what brand is this? it's cute

— thats the stroller i want thougt id be able to get a girly color but guess im going with boy colors lol

— thank you. It's urbini omni.

— @brie15, they have some cute boy colors too :)

— I have the same one and can't waiiittt to use it *-*

— @schevanya, right. It's going to be so fun!!

— what I love about it and that they look more $$ then they actually are :))

— Srry how much was it if u don't mind me asking? Where did u get it at too?

— @schevanya, I know most of the super expensive ones don't do all of that. @brittanymetzger7988 it was $200 online. my walmart had them on sale for $150. not sure if thats everywhere though.

— That's the stroller I'm getting lol it's cuteeeee

— @soon2bmommy425, it's so cute in person!!

— @jadien2010, let me know how you like it, Ive read good but also bad things about it. I really love it, the diff colors n how cheap it is

— @jadien2010 well that's a good price I think do they have it in different colors

— @nessa48, I will. it seems very sturdy and super easy to switch around.

— @brittanymetzger7988, they have like 6 other colors online

— @jadien2010, thanks that was my main concern, the switching n closing it

— @nessa48, you won't be disappointed. click of a button and it oulls off and switches.

— I have the same stroller but in green!! (: 💚 it pushes very well, I love it!

— me too!!! I can't wait to use it.