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this app is becoming a joke , ready to delete it.

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— aww man i hope u dont delete i love seeing everybodys babys n bellys :)

— Im just tired of posting and everyone wants to have an argument! @mommy3rmz

— awww man honestly they need to stop idk who they r but ive seen moms go already n it breaks my heart to see another one leaving 😞 have u tryed black listing them?

— @mommy_31115, I think the 🌰🌰 are starting to come in full swing lol. It's quite humorous but it is becoming a little annoying with so many fake profiles and what not.

— don't do it girl just ignore them..

— i don't wanna leave but every other day people wanna start fights, and yes but if its not them its other people @mommy3rmz this app is going down hill lol @bellamama09

— just block the people who upset you.

— if I see drama I block it.

— when this app first came there was only support n now becoming just drama! it's crazy

— @mommy_31115, We're hormonal we all have our own opinions about things, it's how we handle the issue is what really matters

— It's not what you say it's how you say it lol , that's the code I live by .. I might get a shirt that says that

— that happened to my close friend on here we came from the expecting app trying to ignire the drama n now shes gone for the same reasons 😢 ugh women we all just need a massage and some damn nachos hahaha 😂

— @mommy3rmz, I want a massage and nachos. lol

— @kera96, that's it boo!