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Question ladies what better breech or c section

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— um I would say csection because most drs don't wanna risk delivering a breech baby vaginally it can cause allot of damage to baby

— ohhh okay @babyethansmommy

— yes breech babies turn sometimes at the last minute but if they don't then your Dr will schedule a csection

— Because I am scared of that breech @babyethansmommy

— Most doctors now a days don't know how to deliver a breech baby. It can be done and it can be done safely vaginally but only if you know what you're doing and most doctors no longer do. However they are taught csections so that's what they opt for.

— is your baby breech right now

— with breech their heads can become stuck so there is always that risk.

— Yeah she is @babyethansmommy

— but that breech hurt more than c section

— both my daughters were breeched up until i was 38 weeks

— so @babygirl10-11 that hurt into the meantime

— i dont understand did wht hurt @zolimar

— breech @babygirl10-11

— how many Weeks are you I've never had a breech baby but I'm sure your Dr will explain everything better than me

— i didnt give birth to them breeched they went head dwm whn i was 38 weeks but

— and being pregnant with them being breetched didnt feel no different except the movements are more on the side of ur belly the on top